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Compact, Quality Technology

Genuine pedigree

Mariotti have opperated in the materials handling business since 1920

  • AC Technology Fewer parts requiring maintenance.
  • Ease of Service Every part of the truck can be easily accessed & maintained.
  • Ergonomics - Comfort - Safety Adjustable steering column, seat, seatback & armrest.
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Take a look at the Mariotti fork lift trucks in action.

The new range of three-wheel, compact, sit-down fork lift trucks offer lift capacities from 600 kg to 1300 kg. Other features include; rear, front and all wheel drive options, electronic curve speed cotrol (CSC), cushion or super elastic tyres, as well as, lift heights up to 5.7 m.

AC Technology

The drive and lift motors are both powered by AC motors that eliminates brushes and many component warable parts. This reduces maintenence and increases cost effectiveness compared to traditional DC motors. Tge AC motors also provide greater energy efficiency resulting in increased battery life.

Ease of Service

Throughtout the design stage of the Marotti fork lifts, a great deal of care was taken to make the vehicles easy to maintain and service. Although Mariotti fork trucks are some of the most compact in their class, every part of the trucks can be easily accessed.


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Get a feel for the Mariotti fork lift trucks.

Ergonomics - Comfort - Safety

These three concepts were fundamental in the design of Mariotti fork lifts. Many features were included to improve ergonomics, comfort and safety, including:

  • Fully adjustable steering column
  • Adjustable Suspension seat and seat cusion, seat back and armrest
  • Increased space in the operators compartment
  • Fast & slow driving
  • LED taillights & safety lights

Optional Features

Along with the long list of accessories supplied as standard there are also a number of options including:

  • Regid or soft side panels
  • Side battery removal
  • LED work lights
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