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A Sound Long Term Investment

Our Range of Hand Pallet Trucks has been designed, developed and built to give Outstanding Ergonomic Long Service with minimum maintenance required and assist with all manner of Lifting, Manoeuvring, Pallet Handling etc… within industry and commerce.

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Cost Effective

Pallet trucks, or pump trucks as they are alternatively known, save a wide range of companies precious man hours and labour in the movement and storage of their loaded pallets, allowing employees to spend more time on their core responsibilities. Indeed, pump trucks have long been renowned as a more cost-effective, user-friendly and versatile alternative to comparable equipment like forklifts.

Today, there is a wide range of pallet trucks to choose from, along with a similarly wide range of reasons why your business may invest in them. But are you aware of some of the developments that have taken place in

the world of pallet trucks in recent years that have been designed to continue to boost firms' efficiency and productivity?

Continued innovation

In recent years, pallet trucks have seen continuous improvements in their safety, practicality and durability. Such innovations have included such basic components as the pallet trucks’ wheels, with many models now being fitted with polyurethane wheels that allow for quieter running, better grip and greater protection for delicate floors and smooth surfaces. Available in capacities from 2000Kg to 5000Kg and fork options of wide and long this truly does deserve the title of "backbone of the work place!"

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